Outdoor wedding tent:600 people outdoor...

*Outdoor wedding tent specifications:

It is 20 meters wide and 60 meters length. It can hold about 600 weddings.

*Outdoor wedding tent design:

1. The side wall is made of glass wall, which has better effect in heat preservation and light transmission. It can maintain comfortable temperature in summer or winter.

2, 5 meters wide open design, easy to arrange the scene, leaving plenty of welcome space

3, cloth + 6 headlights, not seeking luxury, but must maintain beautiful and romantic.

*Outdoor wedding tent space design:

It is 4 meters high and the top height is more than 10 meters. It is convenient for T-station construction and truss construction with effect lighting.

A romantic outdoor wedding can always touch the soft heart of a girl. In October 2018, a grand outdoor wedding was held in a farmhouse. We provided a banquet venue for it, which was very effective.

Now, at this farm, another wedding is coming, and the SYX tent will witness the happy moments of the couple. The stage of the cloth flower, the pink stage design, I wish the couple new in the future!