Warehouse tent customization service to solve your worries

As prices continue to rise, many companies are facing rising rent costs. For more industrial companies, addressing land use costs has become an urgent issue. The emergence of industrial warehouse tents has brought a lot of convenience to the temporary warehouse industry, so that enterprises no longer have to worry about high capital costs, long construction time, and insufficient warehouses. In fact, for many companies, warehouses are nothing more than traditional concrete structures or steel structures or leases. However, this is not only costly, but also takes a long time. And industrial canopy tent can completely help you achieve it, because "movability, flexibility, economy, security" and other properties have become the labels of industrial warehouse tents. The large outdoor industrial warehouse tent produced by Wuxi Shengyixin Metal Products Co., Ltd has a short set-up period, which enables enterprises to put it into use quickly. All tent product frame profiles are made of high-quality aluminum alloy with double-sided coated PVC cloth, which is safe and stable, windproof, rainproof and flame retardant, which can effectively guarantee the safety of goods.

All of our production processes are completed in the factory area, and we only need to assemble and set up at the customer's construction site, which will not cause pollution to the environment, and the construction is rapid. Most importantly, Wuxi Shengyixin Metal Products Co., Ltd provides customized services to our customers, which can meet the various needs of customers. All production technologies of Wuxi Shengyixin Metal Products Co., Ltd have reached relevant standards, providing you with customized services to meet your needs while ensuring your safety.