With the rapid development of society, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and the concept of pursuing leisure and entertainment to improve spiritual culture has also become popular. Various events, large-scale performances, weddings, etc. have become popular programs, which have also driven the development of their supporting products.

The construction of these stages uses aluminium stage trusses and stages. Aluminum alloy gives us the feeling that it is light and portable. There are also some iron trusses that may be used. Compared with iron trusses, what are the obvious advantages of aluminium stage trusses?Aluminium stage trusses look gorgeous and beautiful than iron trusses, and they are more stable in the air than iron. Therefore, aluminium stage trusses are not easy to corrode and have a long service life. Iron trusses are easily affected by the external environment and cause rust. Damaged, and the weight of iron is heavy, resulting in higher transportation and construction costs than aluminium stage trusses.

The aluminium stage truss is simple and quick to build the stage, and the shape of the building can be changed as needed, which can create a distinctive style and effect. aluminium stage trusses are not only easy to build and beautiful, but iron trusses are bulky due to their material characteristics and bear the influence of heavy sound, which makes it difficult to achieve the performance of aluminium stage trusses.The aluminium stage trusses produced by our factory are well-selected, advanced in design, and of high quality. They are well received by customers. We will continue to improve our products and services, and strive to provide customers with better services.