Romantic Wedding Marquee Tents on Grass

Using a simple tent can create an unbeatable wedding venue. In the mind of many people, a wedding tent is just a shade, but there are no limits to its creativity. When outdoor wedding becomes more and more popular, various of wedding tents are dazzling. Holding weddings in tents is totally weatherproof, whether it’s raining or snowing, you can still enjoy an unforgettable event.

No matter what the weather or what landform, our wedding tent is undoubtedly an ideal choice. The regular span is from 10m to 60m, and the length is extendable according to the actual capacity. The PVC fabric materials that are used for roofs and walls have an excellent thermal insulation effect, the indoor temperature can be reduced effectively.It also has a good waterproof effect; Besides, our tent can be set up on the sandy, grass and soil ground or cement ground or non-destructable ground.

In order to create a better wedding atmosphere, you can also choose decoration roof linings and curtains in different colors. The open perimeter makes guests feel free, in the meanwhile, they can enjoy the outdoor scenery in all directions. When night falls, too much light rendering is unnecessary, gorgeous star lights adorn the whole scene, it is not only can be used for lighting, but it also looks like the starry sky which is set off by linings. With the warm candlelight and beautiful flowers on the banquet tables, it brings us a romantic midsummer night, let’s witness the happiest moment together with nature in our marquee party tent. If you want to know more about our large outdoor tent or buy wedding tent, freely contact us to get more infos.