Lightingstand Truss System Description

A straight length of highly polished aluminium trussing that can be used for any situation where an attractive structure is required. The aluminium pieces are easily fitted together with taper cones and pins and can be further strengthened with bolts. 

The structure will support lightweight fittings, such as spot lights and can provide an ideal framework for display work in shops, exhibitions and entertainment venues.Aluminum truss stage light frame is very suitable for performance.

A good aluminium truss can add much excitement to the whole performance. It installs different kinds of lights,then give a great lighting to the stage.The whole performance will become more wonderful of it. So If you want to hold a performance,The aluminium stage and truss system is the best choice.

Sure,not only stage performance,also include exhibition,Large Bridges, star walls, factories, greenhouses and other activity venues.Our SYX company have bolt truss and spigot truss ,speaker truss ,square truss,etc.Hope to your visit.