Herringbone Tennis Tent

Large Tennis Court Tent

Shengyixin has built a tennis tent clay tennis court based on international standard tennis court specifications and the actual needs of customers. This is a groundbreaking innovation of Sheng Yixin's tent, inspired by the French architectural form. The tennis court tent adopts a streamlined herringbone shape, with a retro romantic beauty that is very eye-catching. The orange red tarpaulin is also designed to echo the specific color of the brand, with a bright color tone and a red clay club logo display on the top. The tennis court tent has complete supporting facilities, including lighting, referee chairs, and stands. This is a quasi professional level red clay tennis stadium, which has also been built and put into use in China using large tennis court tarpaulins.

Compared to traditional sports venues that take a long time, prefabricated all-weather tennis court tents do have great advantages. Quickly built, wind and rain proof, and uniquely designed new sports venues have become a trend.