Experience of a senior aluminum alloy Truss constructor

Aluminium lighting trusses are made of aluminum alloy 6061, a high-strength industrial aluminum alloy, lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant.We have complete Lighting Truss System.

The regular size of aluminum alloy truss is 300*300, 400*400, 400*600, etc. The average load capacity of 300*300 aluminum alloy truss is about 300kg and the safety span is 12m, the average load capacity of 400*400 is about 400kg and the safety span is 16m, the average load capacity of 400*600 is about 450-500kg and the safety span is 20m.These truss include wedding truss ,lighting truss,layer truss,speaker truss,etc.

Before you choose the modeling, you need to decide what size and span of truss according to your needs, whether to hang lights, the number of lights, the weight of lights, etc. If you have questions about this, welcome to contact our customer service business for professional consultation.Our service personnel are very enthusiasm,we will try our best to give you a satisfied shopping experience. We are committed to doing the best Aluminum truss manufacturer.